Passivation of Processing Equipment and Instrumentation

passivation of stainless steel equipment passivation of stainless steel equipment

Protecting and Prolonging your Stainless Steel Installations


During the manufacturing process, stainless steel equipment will expand and contract with heating and cooling. It will also come into contact with various product recipes; production processes such as fermentation, pasteurization or sterilization; cleaning chemicals; and physical abrasion from actions like brushing, grinding, scraping, mixing. All of which can damage and weaken the protective surface layer leaving the iron underneath exposed and susceptible to corrosion.


Food and beverage processors and companies within the life sciences sector routinely undertake chemical passivation on stainless steel installations to protect the equipment from corrosion which could lead to product contamination and cause a brand-damaging safety issue.


Diversey’s range of passivation chemistry has been developed to provide an effective solution depending on the impact of surrounding influences such as product type or water hardness while considering the impact on the environment. Our representatives will be able to advise the best option depending on your specific requirements.


Please contact your Diversey representative to confirm local product range and availability.