Moonbeam™ 3
A New Angle In Hard Surface Disinfection

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A New Angle In Hard Surface Disinfection


A game-changing angle for disinfection – This portable, powerful solution disinfects quickly, reliably and responsibly. MoonBeam™3 is designed for fast, on-demand disinfection of high-touch surfaces in classrooms, offices, patient rooms, operating rooms and bathrooms and can be used on equipment, fixtures, keyboards, monitors and work stations.



Three individually-adjustable, arms can be positioned at almost any angle to optimize the UV-C light, enabling improved UV-C dosing with reduced energy. Users can position the heads for both horizontal and vertical surfaces and equipment. This flexible device is easily positioned throughout a room or facility to enable fast and effective disinfection cycles.


How Does Moonbeam™ 3 Work?


Cost-effective disinfection assurance – MoonBeam™3 is affordable to own and operate. It is quick and easy to use, with operation cycles in 3 minutes. Its unique design allows the device to be used in more places and its targeted, high efficiency dosing increases speed, allowing reduced labor and operation costs. MoonBeam™3 adds assurance above and beyond your manual cleaning and disinfection process, reducing the risk for guests, patients, students and staff. It is simple to use and periodic maintenance is limited to bulb replacement, with no tools required.


Moonbeam™ 3 Benefits

  • Highly effective – UV-C light provides optimal disinfection in just 3 minutes
  • Portable unit can move around easily and fit in smaller spaces.
  • Compatibility – Safe and effective for  surfaces
  • Nontoxic – No fumes or chemicals
  • Suited for Classrooms, patient rooms, bathrooms, fixtures, work stations, and offices
  • Easy to operate – Users only need to know “The 3-P’s”:  Plug in, Position heads and Press start
  • Cost effective – Low operating cost and minimal maintenance
Moonbeam In Use