A Clever Way Of Dishwashing

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Connecting & Customizing The Kitchen


IntelliDish™ by Diversey connects your kitchen to the cloud, making remote performance management a reality. IntelliDish turns data into dishwashing insights – sending data from your kitchen’s machines to an interactive dashboard and emailing alerts directly to your inbox.


Suma Revoflow® and IntelliDish™ can change your business by:

  • Optimizing uptime with immediate corrective action and automated hygiene compliance
  • Reducing costs of water, energy, cleaning product and labor
  • Providing actionable, real-time insights and proactive maintenance advice


Continuity & Efficiency

  • Identify and solve issues in real-time

Cost Management

  • Bring transparency to your cost of dishwashing

Hygiene Compliance

  • Automated hygiene compliance

Managing Your Resources

  • Make the best use of your resources