Ready To Reopen

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Are you ready to open your doors again? 


Be ready! Create a safe and welcoming environment for your visitors and staff today.


We work with you to create a safer, cleaner and healthy environment across your facility; whether that is a restaurant, school cafeteria, public washroom, kitchen, guest room, swimming pool, reception, lobby, staircase, laundry, office, meeting room or shopping area. Our solutions and programs are designed to elevate the quality of service, safety and care for users. Our solutions integrate products, processes, training and measurement systems to reduce risk, improve results and lower overall cost.

Our experts in hygiene, infection prevention, and cleaning solutions are here to help you prepare for opening and to create a safe, welcoming environment. Together, we'll take your quality of service, safety, and care to the next level with our unique technologies like Oxivir®. We’ll be with you every step of the way. It's at the heart of everything we do to protect and care for people every day. 


Ready To Reopen, Unique cleaning chemical systems, TASKI machines, Taski Tools, Training and support materials

Some of the highlights we detail in these plans are:
• Generic guidance for PPE in a pandemic setting
• Indications to support cleaning and disinfecting operations when re-opening a facility if there is a potential risk
• Cleaning measurements needed to re-open the facility again after closure
• Critical touch point areas to be disinfected before and during opening if a potential risk exists

Diversey Enhanced Cleaning And Disinfection Guide

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