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Meet the Judging Panel



Alison Cox

Alison Cox; Agricultural Global Application Specialist at Diversey. 

Alison has 40 years in the dairy farm sector, including practical farm experience, consultancy, product development, pharmacovigilance and disease control.

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Matt Sheehan

Matt Sheehan, Principal Consultant at Promar International.

Matt has 30 years in the dairy sector, in farm consultancy, operations management and supply chain sustainability. Matt has worked at Promar International, Dairy Farmers of Britain, Dairy Crest and NSF international.

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Dan Daggett

Daniel Daggett, Executive Director of Sustainability at Diversey.

Dan has spent 19 years at Diversey in sustainability and product stewardship, and five years in Government public health.

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Judging Criteria


  1. Ease/speed of implementation: How easy was it to put the idea into practice from change of routine (training required etc) to hard changes every farm can adopt). The easier to implement the higher the score.
  2. Cost of implementation/cost savings provided: Time/investment vs return - simple ratios apply (ROI).
  3. Impact of implementation: If the impact cannot be measured then score is lower. As impact can be assessed from either welfare or sustainability across many headings then the judges will select the relevant heading and judge the impact on the basis of before versus after/now.
  4. Unique to the site or suitable for all: The less specific that the innovation is to the site on the entry the higher the score.
  5. Innovative content: Panel view ranging from 10/10 for a truly blue sky approach to 1/10 for the successful implementation of known ideas. In between come ideas that are slight variants on known themes.