Command CenterTM/MC Dispensing System

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Take command of your facility cleaning with the Command CenterTM/MC dispensing platform. This easy-to-use dispensing system allows for no mixing, chemical contact and no waste. Push-button convenience automatically mixes and dispenses the solution at your choice of dilution into bottles, buckets or floor care machines.

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  • Dispenses up to four different products that are numbered and color coded for easy identification and training
  • Patented dispensing technology ensures that products are dispensed accurately, eliminating the need for manual mixing
  • Uses super concentrated products which results is less inventory/packaging waste
  • Available in 4 button and 1 button units with bottle or bucket fill options. Single buttons can be joined together or added to a four button system for a multitude of dispensing options
  • Meets ASSE 1055-B back-flow prevention requirements
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Designed for Lodging, Healthcare, Education, Government, Retail and BSC
  • Dispenses ready-to-use product into both buckets and bottles
1 x CC 4 Button Air Gap
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