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Designed with Safety in Mind

The RTD® Dispensing System is safe and simple to use. The patented design ensures proper usage by eliminating incorrect feed line and tip installation. This reduces employee misuse, spillage and overuse. The Spill-Tite permanently attached head and bottle, and vacuum break backflow prevention are “built-in” to assure safe operation. Even the ergonomically-designed handle provides comfort and ease of use. When the container is empty, simply remove the dispenser head from the quick-disconnect adapter and discard. The RTD® Dispensing System can be recycled in accordance with local recycling policies.

RTD and RTD Spray


The RTD® Dispensing System delivers consistent cleaning performance and compliance every time. The RTD Dispensing System features patented integrated metering technology. It operates under a wide water pressure range and eliminates costly guess work that generates product waste, leads to surface damage and can put your facility out of compliance.



The RTD® Dispensing System is ready to dispense right out of the box. Requires virtually no installation (plumbing, wall mounting or metering tip installation). Simply connect to a water source (hose) and use. It’s that easy. It’s ready to dispense. The patented, hose-end dispensing head found on every container eliminates bulky equipment from your operation that takes up valuable space and can clog and break down, leading to inconsistent cleaning formulas.



The RTD® Dispensing System is versatile enough to handle all your dispensing needs. Unmatched versatility provides fl ow rates that are adjustable for spray bottle, mop bucket and direct spray applications. By simply pressing the ergonomically designed trigger, you can produce your own ready-to-use cleaning solution anywhere you can connect to a water supply.



The RTD® Dispensing System requires no ongoing service and maintenance.Improves reliability by eliminating the impact of unexpected maintenance issues that can be associated with dilution control equipment.

  • A new dispenser with every bottle
  • Accurate dispensing with every fill
  • No downtime means increased
  • Productivity
  • “Around-the-clock” reliability


Cost Control

The RTD® Dispensing System delivers consistent cost control.

  • Low case cost / Reduced inventory
  • Elimination of product over-use and spillage
  • No equipment investment
  • No service or parts cost
  • Economical end-use cost
  • Minimal training