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The Diversey Training Team is excited to introduce this new resource for easy access to our FREE digital resources. This site is open to everyone; no login is required, just simply share the link

Digital ToolsThe Diversey Digital Tools site includes our most frequently visited Free e-learning courses. Also included is our new Learn2Clean™ training tool that offers short five to ten minute learning modules on various subjects. Each module will include the following elements: Safety, Preparation, Process, Key Tips, Recap Quiz and an E-mail Completion Certification. Learn2Clean™ is optimized for mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

There are over 200 Promotional and Training Videos on the Video Hub! The videos provide large amounts of information in short visual formats. Use the Filter and Search functions to easily find a specific video or category of videos.

The Diversey Digital Tools site includes our Product Selector Tool which makes product recommendations based on customer needs. Our Floor Care Problems & Solutions Tool helps you effectively solve issues experienced by customers. With an easy-to-use interface, this tool uses thumbnail images to select a problem that most closely represents the challenge at hand.

The Diversey Digital Tools site offers powerful training tools using cutting-edge platforms and easily digestible videos. With this newly launched site, our sales force and distributors are better equipped to assist customers with specific issues and easily distribute information on newly launched products.

The Diversey Learning Management System (DLMS) is one of the most powerful learning management tools today. We offer it to our customers to automate their many time-consuming tasks and processes in the training and compliance areas, therefore creating cost-savings for them.


  • Tracks every employee’s progress in every course he is enrolled to, including time-on-task, date of completion, datelines, scores, and even which questions he got right or wrong.
  • Automatically emails detailed / summary reports of all training activities and results to appointed administrators and managers at a time and frequency of the customer’s choice.
  • Lets a customer upload his own proprietary courses/ videos/ presentations/ documents etc. into the system and ensure these are available only to specific individuals/ groups/ or departments.
  • Provides an interface totally branded to the customer’s design including layout, logo, color, language, and even the URL of the site.
  • Includes dozens of free elearning courses and hundreds of training videos to kick-start the customer’s training effort.
  • Automatically notifies employees and managers of expiring certifications (i.e. time to take the course again) and events (e.g. time to attend a class or webinar)
  • Motivates employees to complete their assigned courses by running contests and awarding badges and coins which can be exchanged for rewards (sponsored by the customer if they wish).
  • Lets the customer purchase premium Food Safety, Food Hygiene, and SkillSoft courses for their employees at below-market prices.

The DLMS Team also designs and produces custom eLearning courses for customers at a price based on time and effort. In summary, we offer a complete training solution – online platform, training content, compliance tracking and reporting, customization, customer control – that no other company can match. Please contact us for the DLMS platform pricing.