Divo BT

Divo BT is a concentrated liquid additive formulated for use with liquid caustic in clean-in place and bottle washing to control water hardness and improve detergency.

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  • CFIA
  • Kosher
  • Halal


  • Zero Foaming: No risk of excessive foaming or pump cavitation in high agitation cleaning applications.
  • Concentrated: Economical and easy to use. Allows different mixing proportions with caustic to handle a variety of different water hardness conditions.
  • Stability: Excellent stability in strong alkaline solutions and temperatures up to 82C / 180F to provide long term solution life
  • Divo BT is formulated to give superior performance with the removal of soil deposits and scale control
  • Flexibility: Can be added to concentrated caustic solution at different proportions or it can be added directly to a diluted solution of caustic
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • N/A
55 Gal
1.5-75 mls/L


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