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Join Diversey subject matter experts in a variety of podcasts and materials highlighting information on cleaning, disinfection and overall hygienic environments.  Presenters discuss basic concepts and offer tools to help educate listeners, and build a foundation to make a difference in creating better outcomes in the environments.


Podcast #1 Basic Terminology

This podcast takes the common words used in cleaning and disinfection and provides a basic overview with definitions. It is a foundation from which good conversations can take place when helping with environmental hygiene.

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Podcast #2 Modes of Transmission of Pathogens

Podcast #2 Modes of Transmission of Pathogens


This podcast outlines the links in the chain of infection and breaks down each one to highlight how pathogens get spread and what are some ways to break the links.


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Podcast #3 Clean vs Sanitize vs Disinfect

 Podcast #3 Clean vs Sanitize vs Disinfect


The podcast outlines the differences of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces, and what the ramifications are when you do one vs the other.  It also highlights the levels of disinfection and what levels of “kill” of pathogens there are.


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Podcast #4 Blood & Body Fluids

​Podcast #4 Blood & Body Fluids

This podcast addresses blood and body fluids in the workplace, and proper training and handling.


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Podcast #5 Disinfectant Technologies

​Podcast #5 Disinfectant Technologies

This podcast provides an overview of the different disinfectant chemistries, with sporicidals, dilutables and ready-to-use products with some of the pros and cons of each, as one would make a product selection for use.


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