Dicolube Protect: Protecting Production Goals and Operational Efficiency

Dicolube Protect Lube Dairy Dicolube Protect Lube Dairy
Kris Krueger
Principal Application Scientist - Food And Beverage
Dec 01, 2021

Many dairies and beverage manufacturing facilities utilize a trench style, chain-driven track system to transfer crates back and forth. Crates of empty containers are transported to the filler room, replaced with crates of full product and then transported to the cooler. Normally, these conveyors handle 5 to 6 crates high of full gallon jugs- that’s 250+ pounds in a one-foot square area. In order to maintain production, dairies need to ensure that the chain linkages do not break under load when transporting full crates of milk from the filler to the cooler. Breakage means downtime, increased maintenance costs and decreased production. To avoid downtime, some diaries are forced to decrease the milk filling speed and reduce crate weight on the conveyor chain, but this also decreases production as the operation is not running as efficiently as possible.

Trench track systems also pose a threat to both food and worker safety. Condensation, product spillage and general wet conditions make tracks ideal for microbiological growth. This growth could affect food safety and shelf life if introduced to an open product environment. Even if regular cleaning of the miles of chains is included in a plant's SOPs, it is a time and labor-intensive process that often gets overlooked. Slippery floors are a byproduct of microbiological growth and overdosing/dispensing of lubes, making conditions unsafe for workers.

Undesired solids in production represent an additional challenge for milk filling lines. Poor line cleaning and the use of lube that does not control micro growth leads to growth and debris that builds up and eventually clogs nozzles. Another common cause of lost line efficiency is curdling milk caused by the chemical reaction of spilled milk with low pH lube solutions.

The team at Diversey recognized the need for a floor track transfer lubricant, specifically formulated for increased weight loading and with microbicidal properties. Dicolube Protect is a premium, water-soluble lubricant for use in food, dairy and beverage plants. Dicolube Protect helps optimize production, reducing the need to interrupt production to mend or replace broken chains. The biocidal properties of this lube help prevent growth and keep the tracks clean. Dicolube Protect does not react with milk, preventing curtilage and, thus, helps with cleaning. Reduction in cleaning frequency allows dairies to increase production, eliminate costly maintenance, improve worker safety and save resources.

Dicolube Protect was tested at a large liquid dairy facility in the US who were struggling to find an all-encompassing lubricant solution. Chain breakage and clogged lubrication nozzles caused frequent stops in production. With the assistance of Diversey engineers and product specialists, the transition from the current lubricant to Dicolube Protect was swift and straightforward. Since the introduction of Dicolube Protect, the facility has improved operational efficiency, reported no chain breakage and has reduced water and chemical consumption due to less frequent cleaning events.

Although Dicolube Protect was produced primarily for dairy operations, this lubricant would also be applicable for beverage production facilities and breweries. If a facility has micro concerns around a filler or in a cleanroom, Diclube Protect provides the conditions necessary to control micro count and the amount of cleaning necessary in those areas of concern.

The addition of Dicolube Protect to the Diversey lubricant portfolio represents Diversey’s commitment to being a total solutions provider: innovative chemistry, industry expertise and a commitment to deliver value and quality. 

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