Five Prosumer Solutions Every Restaurant Should Embrace

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Aug 11, 2020

Large or small, no restaurant is immune to the challenges of maintaining an increasingly higher standard of cleanliness and sanitation. Some restaurants choose to outsource their cleaning to a service which can run an average of $150 per hour depending on the size of the crew and the space. That option is not sustainable for most small to medium size restaurants, which have to take cleaning operations into their own hands. Whether it is an impeccable front of house or an “A grade” health score, your kitchen and staff need products with a proven level of quality that can ensure consistency. That’s why so many restaurants are leaving behind their old products and turning to the innovative prosumer solutions and brands that are trusted by the industry and offer the simplicity and professional-grade performance that their business depends on.


For those looking to take a smarter approach to food service cleaning and storage, here are five prosumer solutions that every restaurant should embrace:

Keep Commercial Fryers Clean With Break-Up®

Anyone who has ever worked in a kitchen knows that cleaning out the fryers was never an enviable task, especially when it had to be done without a commercial-grade cleaner that was up for the job. The end result was typically a grimey fryer filled with odors that made food smell and french fries taste like fish. For restaurants looking for an easy-to-use, more powerful solution, Break-Up Professional Fryer Boil-Out cleaner is here to do the dirty work that no one else wants to. Each portion control pouch works quickly to remove tough baked on grease, carbon and grime, containing a formula that helps prevent dangerous and messy boil-over during the process, and requires no extra neutralizing step. By maximizing the life of shortening, Break-Up Fryer Boil-Out cleaner improves both the food’s appearance and taste. Given its potential to shorten the time and labor needed to clean your fryers, it’s no surprise that Break-Up has earned a reputation in the industry as being “Tough on grease, easy on you.”




For a Restroom That Shines, You Need the Right Crew

A dirty restroom tells customers a lot about your restaurant and none of it is good. According to a survey by Zogby International, more than 80% of consumers would flat-out avoid a restaurant with a dirty restroom. This makes the success of your restaurant largely tied to whether you can maintain the top-to-bottom clean that lets your guests know that quality presentation isn’t just coming from the kitchen. The challenge is that most restrooms feature a variety of surfaces and equipment which require a number of cleaners to achieve a fuller, deeper clean that won’t ever be accomplished with a simple multi-purpose cleaner. For that entire restroom clean, Crew®, the best-selling brand in the commercial cleaning industry, according to Kline 2017 data, offers professional strength solutions for surfaces ranging from the toilet bowl to partition walls, taking on the heavy-lifting of bringing any restroom space to the standard your customers expect and your restaurant deserves. Each Crew product is easy-to-use with formulas that can power away tough restroom dirt, grime, soap scum, hard water stains and more from a wide variety of surfaces. So if you’re looking to bundle the right solutions for your restroom, look to Crew’s comprehensive line.




Better Food Storage with Cryovac™Resealable Bags

Food waste has always been a major economical stress point for restaurants who literally watch percentages of their profits go into the trash due to inadequate storage conditions. The trick is to control the food’s environment and minimize exposure to air and any additional moisture, potentially extending the shelf life of dry goods stored in a pantry, or meats and produce stored in the refrigerator or freezer. For decades, food service and food processing businesses have depended on Cryovac® food packaging materials and technology to help build their brands and improve food safety, shelf life and operational efficiency while reducing food waste. Building on that same tradition, Cryovac resealable bags are designed to be industry tough to protect, preserve and store both food and non-food items. Cryovac resealable bags include double zippers for a tight, hassle-free seal and sonically welded zipper corners (on 1-quart and larger sizes) that help minimize ripped side seams. They stand up to the types of handling a fast-paced food service operation dishes out giving Cryovac resealable bags a reputation for ease-of-use and durability. When it comes to improving your food’s safety, extending shelf life and increasing operational efficiency, Cryovac resealable bags deliver, bringing food storage solutions into kitchens of all sizes.


Spitfire® - The All-Purpose Power Cleaner & Degreaser You’ve Been Waiting For

Busy restaurants can quickly become riddled with tough dirt, grime and soils on a variety of surfaces, residues that are not only potential health violations but can require a range of cleaning products to address. To this end, when restaurants are looking to increase their profitability, the first approach is usually to reduce their prime costs, or controllable expenses. These are costs that are in direct control of management and include the quantity and quality of cleaning products you order. In order to keep costs down, restaurants will invest in purported “all-purpose” cleaners that claim to do everything but don’t have the results to back it up. It will be a relief for restaurant owners to know that there is finally a cleaner that is up to the task — Spitfire® Professional All Purpose Power Cleaner. Proven to work on hundreds of types of stains on almost any hard surface, Spitfire’s unique, heavy-duty formula simply does what other cleaners can’t, helping to reduce your overall cost of cleaning solutions. Whether it’s grease, oil, adhesive or caked on residue, Spitfire brings professional strength to remove those tough soils that make the difference between “clean” and “spotless.” 




Glance® Ensures a Great First Impression

Even at a time when so much pressure is put on a restaurant’s presence online and what consumer-first tech they embrace, no app or social channel can do more for your guests' confidence than an impeccably clean front of house. For nearly all restaurants, that cleanliness starts with the doors and windows that welcome customers in, giving them the first look into the experience they are about to have. So what if that first impression is not fresh, clear glass but instead dark, dirty, or streaked windows that scream, “Don’t Eat Here!” That may sound extreme but when asked what experiences would make adults likely to never eat at a restaurant, 51% responded with “Dirty Glass and Windows.” To make sure that 100% of your customers know you care when they see your restaurant, Glance Powerized Glass & Surface Cleaner cuts through all types of residue to leave a clean, streak-free surface. Whether it is for your restaurant’s windows, display cases, countertops or mirrors, Glance is a top performer that has the versatility to give any common surface a spot-free shine. So when it comes down to what customers see when they come to your restaurant, make sure they get the right look with Glance.


Given the tight margins that restaurants run, every cleaning and storage solution should be evaluated as a business investment because that’s exactly what it is. While it can be appealing to look for the most economical products and call it a day, the cost of not buying professional-grade solutions can end up being higher in the long run than those initial savings. When it comes to finding the right products for your restaurant, Diversey’s Prosumer Solutions™ offer the benefits and simplicity of consumer products with the professional strength performance and innovation you’d expect from Diversey.


The Cryovac™ mark is a trademark of, and used under license from Sealed Air Corporation (U.S.)