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Deniz Headshot
Marketing Director
Dec 10, 2019

Field service technicians across the cleaning and hygiene industry – as well as many other industries – show up for their customers with the primary intention of selling a new product or service. Often, these technicians genuinely want to help their customers, but their companies emphasize increasing sales over providing personable, outstanding service. 


At Diversey, we have a different approach. Our Service Specialists have no intention to sell customers products they may not need, because it’s not in their job description – the sales and service teams stay separate. This is the heart of our Service Excellence program, and this approach has proven beneficial to both our customers and our company.


Exemplifying Five-Star Excellence

To gauge how satisfied our customers are with our service, Diversey allows customers to evaluate both our cleaning program and the field technicians with whom they have worked after every single visit. Customers rate us on a scale of one to five stars. The online system continuously monitors the scores and triggers an action if it detects a score below three stars. From there, the follow up will be immediate. The Diversey Service Team will call the customer to understand the reason for a less-than-perfect score – whether it’s regarding a Specialist or the Diversey program – and work to correct it.

Assessing our team members via customer ratings is beneficial both for the customer (to optimize their Diversey experience) and for our organization (to learn and adapt as issues arise).


The Gold Standard

Earlier this year, the Customer Service Institute of America (CSIA) awarded Diversey Gold Certification, which is given only to organizations who perform well across a comprehensive list of 27 attributes, from risk management to innovation process to staff competencies. CSIA determined this certification after an extensive review of Diversey’s service procedures, hiring practices, culture and leadership. The CSIA also recognized Diversey as a global leader in service experience with a 2018 International Service Excellence Award.


The Gold Certification confirms Diversey is a reliable partner for its current customers and helps prospective customers trust that we have what it takes to meet their cleaning and hygiene needs.


Service Leads to Sales

Field technicians who prioritize making a sale above providing excellent service are ironically undermining their primary goal. Customers are more likely to build a growing relationship and be willing to invest more in a cleaning partner that they can trust. Diversey’s system of five-star service and its CSIA Gold Certification show that a service team separate from the sales team delivers positive results across the board for both the company and its customers.