Why Good Training Is Your Key To Food Safety And Staff Retention

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Feb 12, 2024

Finding staff, let alone the skilled people you need, is a common challenge in the F&B industries. The lingering impact of Covid, political legislation, and changing immigration patterns are having a significant impact on recruitment. 

When it comes to cleaning it can be doubly difficult. Long-held attitudes continue to surround not just the job status of cleaners, but also the appreciation of cleaning itself. This is reflected in F&B facilities. The rapid staff turnover is a fact of life that is almost a self-fulfilling prophecy, particularly when cleaning is viewed/tolerated as an obstacle to more valuable production time.


Outsourced Cleaning Or In-house? 

The outsourcing of cleaning to a specialist service company can be a reflection of these attitudes, wider financial imperatives, or the convenience of being able to get on with the main business of keeping lines running with maximum efficiency. Outsourcing can be a successful option for many companies. 

In-house cleaning might involve additional administration and training costs, but this depends on the contract you establish initially with your cleaning service company. The benefit is that you might feel you can establish a more direct sense of control. 


Look For A Complete Learning Solution 

Crucial to any decision is that the staff you employ are properly trained to minimize risks to food safety and your reputation. This is applicable to all employees, regardless of their end role - whether production or cleaning. Essential in enabling this is a complete learning solution from a reputable supplier.

It needs to be convenient, cost-effective, and address all the key aspects of hygiene. So much better if this supplier partnership delivers the expertise in cleaning and hygiene - alongside innovative solutions – that help you drive and maintain the highest standards. With the right partner you bring efficient hygiene and production together as complimentary functions rather than in isolation. 


Tailored Hygiene Training That Delivers Peace Of Mind 

By managing and developing your own tailored training programs you can improve the knowledge and skillsets of your manufacturing and processing staff. These are essential steps in developing properly trained employees and in creating a workforce that is more resilient to the skills gap from rapid staff turnover. 

With the right training you can be sure that employment remains legal and compliant, help provide a more structured career route, while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with minimizing risks to your food safety and brand reputation.


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