Allergens and cross contamination control webinar Allergens and cross contamination control webinar

WEBINAR: Allergens and Cross Contamination Control in Food and Beverage Processing




One of the top priorities for food and beverage processors and manufacturers is to manage the potential risks related to allergens and the possible cross contamination in their production environment so as to avoid product recalls and protect their consumers. An effective allergen management system should take into account all operations, from the initial supply of raw materials to the manufacture and packaging of the finished product, including the development of new products.

Our speakers will provide an overview on allergens, how to control them and how to manage potential cross contamination in the processing area. There will also be time for a Q&A, so use the registration form to submit your question(s) or you can also ask during the live event.


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08:30 | British Summer Time (London)
09:30 | Central European Summer Time (Amsterdam)
09:30 | South Africa Standard Time (Pretoria)
10:30 | Turkey Time (Istanbul)
11:30 | Gulf Standard Time (Dubai)
13:00 | India Standard Time (Mumbai)
14:30 | Indochina Time (Bangkok)
15:30 | China Standard Time (Shanghai)
15:30 | Australia Western Standard Time (Perth)


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07:30 | Mountain Standard Time (Denver)
07:30 | Central Standard Time (Mexico City)
08:30 | Central Daylight Time (Milwaukee)
09:30 | Eastern Daylight Time (New York & Toronto)
10:30 | Argentina and Brazil Time (Buenos Aires & Brasilia)
14:30 | British Summer Time (London)
15:30 | Central European Summer Time (Amsterdam)
15:30 | South Africa Standard Time (Pretoria)
16:30 | Turkey Time (Istanbul)


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