Tech-for-good company Lumitics and Diversey partner to attack Food Waste together

Feb 09, 2023

Tech-for-good company Lumitics and Diversey partner to attack Food Waste together, reducing CO2 footprint and food cost in kitchens across the globe.


Diversey is a key partner for your operations in kitchens across sectors. Knowing the impact that food waste has - both on food cost as well as on CO2 footprint - we are committed to reduce food waste with your teams. To emphasize the importance of this work we have partnered with Lumitics to provide you a food waste program and help reduce your CO2 footprint as well as food cost. 


Lumitics, a Singaporean tech-for-good  company that offers seamless Artificial Intelligence (AI) smart food waste tracker to reduce food waste and reduce food cost in kitchen around the globe started a strategic partnership with Diversey. Under this partnership, Diversey will offer food-waste reduction to its existing sustainable products portfolio amongst other ESG elements.. Lumitics will benefit from Diversey’s experience and Diversey will benefit from an excellent tech-platform to drive reduction. Together they will kick off with operational presence in the Middle-East and upon building the partnership expand globally.


Food waste is a huge issue and impacts industries working with fresh produce both in cost as well as operational CO2 footprint. “Over 1.6 billion tonnes of food are wasted globally each year. Hotel kitchens alone throw away 25% of all the food they purchase. Not only does it feel wrong that we are wasting food while knowing there are people starving in the world, the food waste also contributes to another problem – global warming. In fact, 11% of all greenhouse gas emitted comes from the food we are wasting”, states Lumitics on their purpose to reduce food waste. Both governments and sector stakeholder have been making it a top priority of finding innovations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and so has Diversey. Bringing a program that helps curb food waste and make commitments that success bring value to the sustainability programs we offer in lodging, but also in the food service industry.


Diversey Lumitics



“Lumitics is very excited to partner with Diversey, a company with an excellent reputation in the industry that has proven its resilience and capacity to innovate within the sustainability space. This means for us the next phase of our growth with tackling a promising market significantly beyond our shores. There will be a lot of work but the entire team at Lumitics is very grateful for such an opportunity” says Rayner Loi, CEO and co-founder of Lumitics.


“Partnering with Lumitics means we can provide our customers with a high end technology in their kitchens to reduce operational cost for various size kitchens” says Frank Theis Chief Revenue Officer at Diversey. “And it supports our sustainable effort to reduce the massive CO2 emissions that food waste has. Science based targets on Ghg-emissions are omnipresent and we are excited to be supporting our customers with programs to help achieve those goals".


About Diversey: 

Over the course of almost 100 years, the Diversey brand has become synonymous with product quality, service, and innovation. Diversey cleaning and hygiene products help create a safer and cleaner world for people, businesses and communities. We develop and deliver innovative products, services, and technologies that save lives and protect our environment.


About Lumitics:

Lumitics is a Singaporean-based technology company that designs and manufactures AI-powered smart food waste trackers to reduce food waste and cost. Lumitics’ devices are designed especially for busy kitchens and offer a seamless process with no disruption to current kitchen workflows. Based on the food waste data tracked, Lumitics offers insights to Chefs on how to reduce their food waste by up to 40% and food cost by 2%-8%.