Adjust® is a concentrated liquid additive specifically formulated for use with liquid caustic in circulation, spray cleaning systems and bottle washers to control water hardness and improve detergency. Adjust controls foaming conditions commonly encountered when using liquid caustic solution to clean evaporators, brew kettles, beer fermenters and tanks. This foam control is effective at all solution temperatures and continues as heavy soil load conditions build up in the cleaning solution. It also speeds up label removal and promotes rapid rinsing when used with caustic in bottle washers

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  • CFIA
  • Kosher


  • Cost-Effective - Concentrated liquid is economical and convenient to use, reducing time and product cleaning costs
  • Low Foaming - Effective defoaming at all temperatures increases soil holding capacity of cleaning solution
  • Excellent stability in strong alkalis providing long solution life
  • Prevents filming, reducing bottle rejects by improving alkali drainage from glass surfaces
  • Blended surfactant promotes label removal and soil dispersion system.
  • Blended surfactant promotes label removal and soil dispersion system.
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Specs & Application Instructions:

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Drum (50-55 gal)
1 to 2 quarts per 100 gallons