J-Fill® Uno Dispensing System

Compact, lockable, wall-mounted single station dispensing unit. Accurately dispenses one J-Fill® product and rinse water into spray bottles or buckets/autoscrubbers with a push of a button. Rugged stainless construction.

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  • Dispenses one product at the push of a button to accurately fill buckets, bottles and autoscrubbers without measuring or mixing
  • System only allows J-Fill® packaging which is number and color coded for easy product identification
  • Simple product change-out and lockable cabinets for safety
  • Air-Gap backflow prevention and J-Fill® Spill-Tite TM/MC cartridges are leak proof and virtually eliminate chemical exposure, tampering and manually diluting products
  • Metering tip in each J-Fill® cartridge ensures precise dilution and eliminates possibility of tampering with dilution ratios
  • J-Fill® dispensers use super concentrated and hyper concentrated chemicals, reducing in-use cost, packaging and solid waste disposal
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Designed for Healthcare, Food Service, Education, retail, BSC, Government and Lodging
  • For use to dispense J-Fill product into buckets.
1 x J-Fill® Uno TM Air Gap,High Flow Dispenser


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