Replacement Lamp (shatter resistant) 14w x 21" T5

Quantum BL shatter resistant 14 watt replacement bulb for Mantis® Sirius insect fly traps. Genuine Quantum BL shatter resistant lamps with FEP fluoropolymer coating ensures the easiest and safest solution by significantly reducing the risks of contamination from glass breakages.

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  • Ultimate performance ? maximum attraction 40% more powerful and 100% more effective than standard BL 350 UV lamps
  • Maximum output and minimum reduction in UVA light output over two years
  • Our coating will not discolor, melt or flake throughout the life of the tube
  • Maximum UV transmission for better attraction performance and reduced light loss
  • Quantum lamps are 100% lead free for a safer environment
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Replacement lamp for Mantis® Sirius insect light traps
2 each


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