Revive® Plus SC Maintainer/Rejuvenator

Unique patented cleaner/maintainer formula can be used for daily cleaning. Floor stays cleaner, longer. Unique formula designed to repair microscopic scratches. Red in color with a citrus scent.

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  • Maintainer/Rejuvenator formulated to clean floors and enhance gloss
  • Enhances Floor Appearance and "Pops" the gloss when burnished with 1500-2000+ rpm propane, battery or electric burnishers
  • Citrus Scent
  • Maintains Gloss with unique formula designed to repair microscopic scratches
  • Floors stay cleaner longer
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • For use as hard surface maintainer.
  • Unique patented maintainer/rejuvenator formula can be used for daily cleaning
  • Powerful maintainer can be used on daily basis without browning out
1 x 1.32 gal./5 L RTD®
1:256 - 1:512


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