TASKI Mobile WorkStation Model S12

The TASKI Mobile Work Station offers a wide range of configurations to accommodate the way you work, but it's about more than intelligent cart design. The TASKI Mobile Work Station is part of a complete cleaning system, an integrated approach that seamlessly incorporates tools, chemicals, and processes to deliver improved cleaning results.

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  • Designed for use with spray & wipe and/or disposable wipes or pre-wetted microfiber cloths to meet the needs of many different cleaning techniques
  • Large capacity storage space improves shift efficiency by eliminating trips back to the supply closet
  • Color coded cloth box lids can be changed for different applications or cleaning requirements
  • Lockable chemical storage secures supplies and prevents theft
  • On-board waste receptacle (40 gallons) with ?U"-shaped zipper for easy user access, also eliminates the need for separate trash container
  • On-board vacuum platform
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Designed to work with multiple cleaning methods
  • Acute or long-term care patient room or office cleaning
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