TASKI® MyMicro Microfiber Cloth Blue 20 ea.

Good performance, time and time again! TASKI MyMicro is a knitted microfiber cleaning cloth designed for spray and wipe and pre-wetted cleaning. The fine fibers of the cloth make it easy to penetrate into the surface at a finer level than normal fibers, removing higher levels of dirt, dust and bacteria.

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  • Greenguard


  • Compact cloth that is washable and reusable
  • TASKI MyMicro are available in four different colors which enables end users to comply with common color coding practices
  • TASKI MyMicro can be used dry or damp and is most suited for spray and wipe or pre-wetted cleaning methods
  • Fine fibers create a capillary effect with the cloth that collects and retains dirt and dust particles from the surface, removing the need for a second drying pass
  • The cloths are guaranteed for at least 300 washes when recommended care instructions are followed, allowing for long-term use
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Designed for spray and wipe and pre-wetted cleaning on a multitude of surfaces
  • Great for facilities with multiple areas to be cleaned to avoid cross contamination
  • Can be used in combination with the TASKI Mobile Work Stations designed for restrooms, office/cubicles, patient rooms and schools


Safety Data Sheets

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