TASKI® procarpet 45 COMPLETE Kit (includes both brushes PLUS Accessories, drain hose, tools and 50ft

The TASKI® procarpet 45 has been designed with the reliability found on all our floor care machines. TASKI has developed this machine using our expertise in vacuum pick-up and chemical application to design a high performance carpet cleaning with excellent results. This complete kit includes both brushes, 10 ft. drain hose, 50 ft (15 M) electrical cord, procarpet tools (spray nozzle and filter cup installation/removal tool) and accessories kit (carpet wand, hose and hand tool).

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  • The flip of a switch and change of chemicals can change the machine from a deep extractor for heavy soils to an interim cleaner for restorative cleaning applications, allowing users to select the cleaning application that best fits their needs based on turn-around times and soil levels
  • The large variety of accessories allows this machine to cover an added range of cleaning tasks increasing the machine's versatility and your productivity
  • Its ease and simplicity of use, flexible application and reliability yield a high performing machine that lowers the total cost of ownership
  • Allows users to select the cleaning application that best fits their needs based on turn-around time and soil levels
  • The utilization of interim cleaning applications helps to extend the time between deep cleaning activities, keeping carpets looking better longer
  • The built in ergonomic considerations provide the perfect balance point allowing fatigue free working for longer working hours
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Ideal for use in hotels and casinos where carpets will benefit from interim cleaning and periodic deep extraction
  • Can be used in conference rooms and department stores to extend the life and look of carpets
  • Can be used for extraction and encapsulation activites
1 x Kit


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