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We know you want excellent results each and every time you wash. So we’ve used our in-depth knowledge to create Revoflow® – a unique system that enhances the washing experience, doing way with virtually all the hazards and inefficiencies of traditional washing systems.


We understand your business and know just how important safety, cleanliness and cost efficiency are to you. With Revoflow® you’ll find automated precision dosing, no chance of spillages, a compact off the floor design and less need for detailed staff training; this ultimately results in a more efficient work place.


The real beauty of Revoflow® is its innovative cap design. Color coded to make sure the right chemical is consistently in the right place, it’s designed for precision dosing and dispensing of liquids — and for the first time in laundry — powders, so there’s no waste and no need to rewash. Plus, every time a new container is fitted you also refresh its dosing accuracy, giving you outstanding results each and every time. Combine Revoflow® with Diversey advanced Clax® cleaning products, and you can be sure of perfect laundry...time after time.


Clax Revoflow

Safe In The Workplace

  • Ergonomic, lightweight packaging provides for safe, easy handling
  • Innovative cap lock system prevents product contact, spilling or accidental mixing
  • Compact, wall-mounted design moves chemicals off the floor giving you not only a clean and tidy workspace but one free from trip and fall hazards


Simple To Use

  • Our 2 to 3 component ‘plug and play’ modular system, clear color coding and product identification, together with pre-programmed automatic dosing, means fewer errors and reliable, consistent cleaning
  • Intuitive, LED problem solving indicators both reduce the need for detailed training and optimize operating time as staff can quickly identify and trouble shoot errors with the washing system


Efficient Use Of Resources

  • The unique Revoflow® cap design combined with the modular offering ensures accurate dosing and dispensing of both powders and liquids, resulting in exactly the right mix of chemicals for your washing
  • Super high product concentration, reduced and recyclable packaging minimize environmental impact
  • Clax detergents give outstanding results each and every time which removes the need for rewashing