Diversey AirQualityCheck 

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Assess, Improve, and Maintain Your Plant’s Air Quality with Diversey’s AirQualityCheck


The air quality in a food or beverage processing facility is often overlooked as a source of environmental contamination. Facilities that handle allergens need to have an allergen control program that considers airflow patterns. Airflow within a plant is very important, particularly between ready-to-eat (RTE), high care, and raw/processing areas.


Microbes can travel in water droplets, on bio-aerosols, or “ride” with dust and debris, remaining airborne for hours or even days, landing on previously cleaned and sanitized surfaces which ultimately cause contamination of the product. Microorganisms can be introduced into a facility through contaminated raw materials, outside air currents, HVAC units (if not properly maintained), compressed air, high-speed equipment, material-moving equipment, high-pressure hoses, reclaim/refuse areas, and drainage systems. Not only do these areas represent a potential product contamination risk, but also a logistical and financial challenge to address each potential contamination source. 


Under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA-2017) in the U.S.A. and the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR-2019) in Canada, current government regulations require food and beverage manufacturers to have a preventative control program in place for air quality. This specifically requires food plant management to identify all air hazards that impact food quality and safety; to measure, control, and verify that the program in place is effective. Additionally, air quality standards have been added to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), the BRC Global Standards (Issue 8, 4.5.3) and the Safe Quality Food Institute (Issue 8.1, 11.2.8, 11.5.5).


What is AirQualityCheck?


AirQualityCheck is a suite of microbiological air assessments that include Environmental Air assessment, Air Flow Assessment and CompAir Micro Check. These services* will help your plant assess, improve, and maintain the air quality in your operation.


Environmental Air Assessment

Test and monitor your plant’s environmental air quality, allowing results to be benchmarked and improved upon to ensure product safety


Air Flow Assessment

Understand and control allergen cross-contamination risks in your facility by identifying the airflow between critical areas where allergens are stored and handled.


CompAir Micro Check 

Industry-leading technology and expertise that is used to analyse and verify the microbiological air quality of the compressed air used in your facility.



By implementing an AirQualityCheck in your facility, your operation will benefit from:

  • Reduced costs from contaminated product and recalls.

  • Meeting, or exceeding, North American regulatory and GFSI standards/requirements.

  • Minimized product hold, quality management and sanitation time.


*Please note that this service is currently only available in North America.