Intelligent CIP Webinar Intelligent CIP Webinar

WEBINAR: Converting Data to Actionable Results with Intelligent CIP




Ensuring food safety, quality and traceability while dealing with continuous cost pressures, changing production demands and a huge amount of data are typical challenges faced within cleaning in place (CIP) management in the food and beverage industry. Analyzing data from your entire CIP process can bring new eyes to your operations and uncover hidden opportunities to optimize.

Intelligent CIP is a secure, cloud-based, data analytics platform that processes CIP data and translates it into visual, easy to understand, actionable information. This helps to better understand what is happening during the cleaning cycles and uncover any anomalies such as high variance among a set of automated processes. A compliance dashboard and detailed reports provide insights and run data comparisons. Indicators identify opportunities over time where you can initiate improvements to optimize your CIP processes - all without compromising food safety.

Join our team of sector specialists as they explain how data can be converted in actionable results with Intelligent CIP. Our session will focus on the demonstration of the system as well as on practical examples from Europe and North America. There will also be time for a Q&A, so use the registration form to submit your question(s) or you can also ask during the live event.


Registration Closed. The Recording is available here.