Cannabis and Hemp Extraction

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The medicinal cannabis and hemp extraction industry shares similar production requirements to the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors; good production processes and clean environments are crucial to producing a safe final product.


Using our experience from being a world leader in the field of hygiene and sanitation, we combine chemistry and application knowledge with hygienic design and project management to bring our expertize to this fast-growing industry. 


Ethanol-free Cleaning-in-Place


In partnership with Advanced Extraction Systems Inc. (AESI), we have co-developed the world’s first solvent-free, cost-effective cleaning solution for extraction and lab equipment in the Cannabis/Hemp Industries.


Current industry practice sees extractors and other lab equipment being cleaned using hazardous ethanol, thus causing an immediate health and safety risk requiring the equipment and facility to be built to costly explosion-proof standards (Class 1 DIV II). 


Diversey’s Adept replaces the need for volatile ethanol usage for cleaning and CIP events. Adept is a unique alkaline cleaner specifically developed for effective oil, gum or wax removal.


Our specialities


  • Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) design and optimization.
  • Open Plant Cleaning (OPC) systems - centralized, decentralized and mobile for foam cleaning.
  • Customized chemical dosing systems - proportional water-driven systems, flowmeter and diaphragm pumps.
  • Air handling and treatment with UV and fogging systems.
  • Chemical room design.




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