Dicolube Sustain

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Sustainable Semi-Dry Track Treatment Solution


Dicolube Sustain enhances the operational efficiency of your packaging lines while reducing water usage and safety risks. In comparison to wet lubrication technology, fresh water savings of 65% or more can be obtained. This reduces overspill into drip trays and onto floors while still providing enough water for cleaning and lubrication.


Implementation is fast, often without production downtime and with low or no equipment investment if suitable dosing and control devices are present. Dicolube Sustain lubricants are silicon free, leaving no adhesive residues on the track. The result is that belts remain clean and hygienic and cleaning intervals remain comparable to wet lubricant systems. Lubrication effectiveness and product consumption remain comparable to wet lubricants, making the Dicolube Sustain family a clear choice to optimise your packaging lines.


    Compared to traditional wet lubrication there will be significant water and effluent savings. Dicolube Sustain is optimised to take advantage of the maximum achievable water saving at the minimum operating cost, truly achieving operational efficiency.


    Benefits from using Semi-Dry Conveyor Lubrication


    • Improved line efficiency
    • Improved conveyor hygiene
    • Reduced dilution water usage
    • Reduced effluent discharge
    • Reduced water and effluent costs


    Product Focus – Dicolube Sustain 5


    Dicolube Sustain 5 is a new biocidal conveyor lubricant designed specifically to meet the needs of production plants in the brewing and beverage industry. The conveyor lubricant has been developed by Diversey to address the challenge of maintaining optimum hygienic production conditions, and also in response to concerns about the effect of lubricant contamination in wastewater plants. Dicolube Sustain 5 acts as a barrier to the formation of biofilm on packaging lines for beer, cider, wine, water, juice, soda and non-alcoholic drink manufacturers.


    Dicolube Sustain 5 has WWTP compatibility and has passed a range of tests by independent agencies including an aerobic and anaerobic biodegradation study (Opure BV), in addition to anaerobic toxicity tests by EPAS. It also offers good performance and compatibility with glass, cans, crates, kegs and PET bottles on steel conveyors.