Open Cooling Systems Water Treatment

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Open Cooling Systems Water Treatment


Open recirculating cooling systems incorporate a pond or cooling tower for heat removal.  Warm water picked up from the process via heat exchangers is returned to the pond or tower and heat is removed through evaporation of a portion of the cooling water.


Cooling systems can experience microbiological growth, bio-fouling, corrosion and inorganic scale deposition. If not addressed, these issues can have a negative impact on heat transfer efficiency, safety, utility usage, process reliability and maintenance, system integrity and total cost of ownership.


Our solutions address the key issues of microbiological growth, corrosion and scale build-up to maintain an efficient, safe system.


Microbiological Growth


Proliferation of algae and other microorganisms can lead to the development of biofouling.  As well as reducing operational efficiency and impacting aesthetic aspects of the system (slime and odor), it can form a protective environment for corrosive sulphate reducing bacteria and pathogens such as Legionella. Our service programs, biocides and treatment technologies help control microbiological growth, biofouling and ensure process safety.


System Corrosion


Equipment corrosion can result in leakage, increase in repair maintenance, a reduction in plant life and by-product deposit build-up.  This impacts operational efficiency and total cost of ownership, potentially including capital investment requirements. Our corrosion inhibitors and water chemistry expertize protect cooling system integrity and return on asset investment.


Scale Build-Up


Water hardness salts and other minerals can form insoluble sludge and scale reducing heat transference and operational efficiency.  This can lead to an increase in utility usage, descaling maintenance and total cost of ownership. Combining water conditioning technology and know-how scale deposition and build-up is inhibited while maximizing cycles of concentration and utility use efficiency.


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