Tunnel Pasteurizer Water Treatment

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Tunnel Pasteurizer Water Treatment


Beverages are pasteurized after filling into their final package to extend their shelf-life.  Bottles, cans and their contents are conveyed through different sections of a tunnel pasteuriser through a gradual heating and cooling process. Each section has its own water spray system, collection sump, circulation pump and screen/filter box.


Tunnel pasteurisers can experience microbiological growth, bio-fouling, corrosion and inorganic scale deposition.  If not addressed, these issues can have a negative impact on safety, heat transfer efficiency, utility usage, process reliability, maintenance and system integrity.  Package and beverage quality, productivity, operational efficiency and total cost of ownership can also be detrimentally affected.


Our solutions address the key issues of microbiological growth, corrosion, deposition and scale build-up for process reliability and package quality.


Microbiological Growth


Proliferation of Pseudomonas and other microorganisms can lead to the development of biofouling.  As well as blocking spray nozzles, screens and filters, increasing cleaning maintenance requirements and impacting aesthetic aspects of the system (slime and odour), it can form a protective environment for corrosive sulphate reducing bacteria and pathogens such as Legionella. Our service programs, biocides and treatment technologies help control microbiological growth, biofouling and ensure process safety.


System Corrosion


Equipment corrosion can result in leakage, increase in repair maintenance, a reduction in plant life and by-product deposit build-up.  This impacts operational efficiency and total cost of ownership, potentially including capital investment requirements. We provide corrosion inhibitors and water chemistry expertize that protect tunnel pasteurizer assets and return on investment.


Scale Build-Up


Water hardness salts and other minerals can form insoluble sludge and scale, blocking spray nozzles, reducing beverage shelf-life, heat transference and operational efficiency.  This can lead to an increase in bottle breakage, energy and water usage, descaling maintenance and total cost of ownership. Our water conditioning technology and know-how inhibit scale deposition and build up.


Package Quality


Bottles and cans may experience a number of quality issues depending on tunnel pasteuriser system water chemistry and package finishing.  Corrosion can lead to iron rust spots on bottle crowns and steel cans or the staining of aluminium can pull-tabs and base domes.  Unlacquered cans and bottle crowns may also suffer from decoration fading while the precipitation of inorganic salts may lead to unsightly spotting or blooming on the package.


Quality issues can result in an increase in reject rate, potential product recalls and have an impact on brand image.  This affects productivity, operational efficiency, resource utilisation and total cost of ownership. Our knowledge, expertize, chemistry, equipment and services provide effective package quality protection


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