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WEBINAR: Achieving Time and Resource Savings in Your Dairy Membrane Cleaning Regime




In recent years, the recovery and concentration of high-nutritional-value components from milk, such as whey protein separation, have gained significant importance. Consequently, dairy companies are increasingly expanding their production capacities and investing in new membrane plants to meet this demand. However, such investments necessitate a substantial return and consistent membrane efficiency over an extended period.

Ensuring operational uptime is paramount, yet the pursuit of increased production output can potentially compromise membrane efficiency and hygiene standards. 

Join our team of specialists to discover strategies for optimizing membrane cleaning processes, making them faster and more sustainable. Learn from practical examples how dairy manufacturers are maximizing processing time and saving resources with innovative membrane cleaning techniques.


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08:30 | Greenwich Mean Time (London)
09:30 | Central European Time (Amsterdam)
10:30 | South Africa Standard Time (Pretoria)
11:30 | Eastern European Standard Time (Istanbul)
12:30 | Gulf Standard Time (Dubai)
14:00 | India Standard Time (Mumbai)
15:30 | Indochina Time (Bangkok)
16:30 | China Standard Time (Shanghai)
16:30 | Australia Western Standard Time (Perth)


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07:30 | Mountain Standard Time (Denver)
08:30 | Central Standard Time (Mexico City & Milwaukee)
09:30 | Eastern Standard Time (New York & Toronto)
11:30 | Argentina and Brazil Time (Buenos Aires & Brasilia)
14:30 | Greenwich Mean Time (London)
15:30 | Central European Time (Amsterdam)
16:30 | South Africa Standard Time (Pretoria)
17:30 | Eastern European Standard Time (Istanbul)


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